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Rewards information

Here's the all important piece I am sure you would like to understand. 

The rewards system is pretty straight forward.

There are 4 types.

  1. Monthly vouchers
  2. Quarterly prizes
  3. Project specific incentive
  4. End of year prize draw

Monthly vouchers and quarterly prizes all depend on how many points you earn. Continue reading to understand the points system.


Each project/task has points associated with it.  These will be clearly labeled up front so you know what you are earning.

To be clear, the points do not equate to $.

But rather, they are an indicator of time spent on the projects to help determine who has participated the most.  At the end of each month the points are tallied up.  Everyone based on their accumulated points receives a ‘payment' via an email voucher. 

Points do not accumulate across months.

It's essentially 10 points per minute.  We estimate the time allocated to complete the task.  So if a task is estimated to take 10 minutes, it would earn you 100 points.

Some tasks which might take more thinking or involve a bit more, will be loaded with more points to reflect the effort required.



Monthly vouchers will be emailed to members at the end of each month based on the amount of points you have accumulated. 

7-Eleven will allocate small prizes which can be redeemed through your email vouchers in store. 

The top 10% of people will receive the vouchers with the highest value. Prizes will be different each month. 

Everyone else will also receive a reward for their time, but it will be of a smaller nature.  Once again, We'll keep this fresh each month.

At the end of the month, we'll tally the points and it will take a week before the previous months vouchers will be issued.  So you will get them first week of the following month.



Quarterly Prizes are awarded to the two highest point earners for the quarter. This means the Good Callers who participate the most in the quarter will be in the running to receive a larger prize.

The two Good Callers with the most points for the quarter will be eligible for one of the following rewards: 

  • GoPro Hero5 Session Waterproof Action Camera
  • Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch (Colours: Charcoal/Smoke Grey. Blue Grey/Silver or Slate Blue/Burnt Orange)
  • Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Colours: Sky)
  • Bose SoundLink Revolve Wireless Speaker (Colours: Black or Lux Grey)
  • Apple Watch Series 3 38mm (Colours: Space Grey or Silver)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 10.5" Wi-Fi 32GB (Colours: Ebony Black or Fog Grey)
  • Nintendo Switch Console (Colours: Neon or Grey)

The winners may decide which of the options they want. Only one option can be chosen per prize winner - prizes cannot be altered once chosen, so choose carefully. Awarded prizes cannot be fully refunded/exchanged for the cash equivalent.

In the event of Good Callers having the same amount of points, we will draw the winner at random to determine winners for that quarter. That way, participants in the top tier of points will have equal chance to win the quarterly prize.



There are some projects that may take people a long amount of time.  For these, we think it is fair that we reward your efforts with specific payments.

These may come in many forms:

  • Product
  • Money
  • Vouchers

Either way, we would make this known upfront.  If it isn't stated, there would be no additional rewards. 

But don't forget, every project earns points and puts you in the running to get some great rewards.



The End of Year Prize Draw provides every YGC member the equal opportunity to win a prize and be rewarded for their year’s efforts. Each member on the community will receive one prize draw entry and 100 winners will be selected at random. Each winner will receive a $50 7-Eleven gift card.

For 2019, the End of Year Prize Draw will take place on Monday 25th of November. Winners will be contacted directly, and their names will be published on our member portal two days following the draw on Wednesday 27th of November.

To see more information about the end of year prize draw, please click here to read through our competition rules.

Last updated: 19 Nov 2019